The day you died
was thick, dense fog, and I 
went out to enjoy the peace 
and quiet of the morning.  
Muffled and still, the world 
waited breathless for the sun 

which never came.  I didn't know
you were gone.  

The words washed over me; I nodded,
Yes.  This is not a surprise.

For months now we watched you decline
Slowly (slowly) and thought (we never said) 
This cannot be long.
We hoped, cheered each success, but
We knew (we never said) 
This cannot be long.
You wanted to win, determined to win.
Did you know?  You never said,
This cannot be long.

And now there is only quiet.
This is not a surprise.

These words.  We don't want 
these words.  We want 
joy and happiness, we want 
light and life.  These you gave us.  
Did you know?

We never said, I never said goodbye.
I never told you how special you are to me.  
I never told you how you touched my life.  
I never told you what a joy it was
to know you, to be in a world
where you exist.  Did you know?

Tell us (tell us).

The soft golden autumn afternoon, the clouds
outlined in brilliant orange and red
against the pure dark blue of the sky,
fading (fading) until the last rays 

of the sun

are gone.

Copyright © 1999 David W. Strauss

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